Music and Meditation: The Combination You Need

Music and Meditation: The Combination You Need

Life’s daily hustle can wear you down. This is why it’s crucial to take a breather now and then to let your mind catch a break. One awesome way to do that? Meditation. But for many people, keeping their mind free from thoughts can be challenging. This is where a little bit of music can help. This won’t be your rock or EDM music, but soothing melodies created especially to give your brain a micro-vacation of sorts. So, to make your meditation journey a tad smoother, check out these handy apps.


The app boasts a lively and cheerful interface, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Cute cartoons with friendly smiles fill its design which instantly provides a sense of comfort as soon as you open the app. It features a range of guided meditations tailored to help you achieve various goals. Whether you’re seeking better sleep, stress reduction, heightened awareness, mindfulness, or other objectives, the app allows you to pick and choose. From calming narrations to blissful tunes, it has got it all.

The courses on Headspace are thoughtfully labeled and cater to a diverse audience, spanning from beginners to seasoned practitioners. Even if you’re completely new to meditation, you’ll find a plethora of useful guides to navigate your way through.

Price: INR 1499 for a year

Amazon Music

Music and meditation are a perfect pair, and that’s why Amazon Music earns its spot on this lineup. Beyond its extensive collection of songs and podcasts, it serves as an excellent meditation companion. The platform offers numerous playlists designed for various purposes, including meditation, relaxation, sleep, yoga, and focus. A major advantage is that there are no pesky ads that disrupt your serene moments here.

With unlimited skips, you have the freedom to switch tracks whenever you want, ensuring you’re always in control. This app could also be the best music downloader for you as it allows you to save as many tracks as you fancy. Thanks to this, even in a tranquil spot with no internet, you can continue your meditation practice. It comes bundled with the Prime subscription that offers delivery perks from Amazon and access to Prime Video’s fantastic movies and TV shows.

Price: INR 299 per month, INR 599 for 3 months, and INR 1,499 for a year


The developers of this app envisioned it as a versatile tool for promoting meditation, sleep, and relaxation. It boasts an extensive collection of guided meditation recordings catering to your mental well-being and stretching exercises to ensure your physical comfort. These features are designed to accommodate both meditation newcomers and daily practitioners.

The meditation topics are crafted based on users’ specific needs and goals. You’ll discover topics aimed at breaking bad habits, enhancing focus, easing anxiety, and more. The inclusion of exclusive music contributes to a more relaxing experience, and there’s an added bonusβ€”over 100 bedtime stories! Yes, those childhood sleep inducers are now just a few clicks away.

Price: INR 2999 for a year

Apple Music

Apple Music also has a dedicated section of its catalog to support users in enhancing their mental well-being. Within the Moods and Activities section of Apple Music, you’ll find several categories tailored for meditation assistance. Some categories you should definitely explore include focus, sleep, and well-being. Guided meditation tracks are also available. Just set aside some time every day, pick a suitable playlist, and unwind.

If you feel that a specialized meditation app might not be your cup of tea, consider a music app like Apple Music as a fantastic alternative. It comes with perks like an ad-free listening experience, an intuitive user interface, unlimited downloads, and unrestricted access to Apple Music’s extensive collection of songs.

Price: INR 99 per month

Summing Up

Whether you’re seeking effective calming music or something to guide you through your meditation journey, these applications are here to assist you. Choosing the right app is a significant move, but to maximize its benefits, it’s crucial to consistently dedicate time to meditation. If you’ve made it this far, it’s evident that you’re committed to improving your mental health, so kudos to you! Keep up the good work!

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