A Glimpse into Orthokeratology in Singapore with Top-Rated Optometrists

A Glimpse into Orthokeratology in Singapore with Top-Rated Optometrists

Orthokeratology, commonly known as Ortho-K, is a non-invasive procedure using specially designed contact lenses to temporarily reshape the cornea and mitigate refractive errors. The increased usage and acceptance of Ortho-K in Singapore makes it a compelling area to explore. In this essay, we delve into the field of Orthokeratology in Singapore, with a specific focus on top-rated optometrists who have significantly contributed to this area.

Understanding Orthokeratology

Ortho-K originated in the 1960s. It involves the usage of specifically designed, rigid, permeable contact lenses that are worn overnight. These lenses subtly alter the shape of the cornea – the clear front surface of the eye – there by correcting common vision problems such as myopia, astigmatism, hypermetropia, and presbyopia to an extent.

Orthokeratology Singapore is particularly recommended for people unwilling or unable to undergo eye surgeries like LASIK. It’s highly preferred for children and teenagers with progressing myopia. The benefits are numerous. It offers temporary correction enabling clear vision during the day without glass or contact lenses, slows myopia progression especially in children, and provides an alternative for those unfit for or hesitant about refractive surgeries. However, the effects are not permanent and cease once the usage of lenses is discontinued.

The Rising Popularity of Orthokeratology in Singapore

Why has Orthokeratology gained such popularity in Singapore, a question you might ask? The answer lies in its benefits. Ortho-k offers unparalleled convenience, especially for people who engage in sports, or those who work in environments where glasses and contact lenses can be a hassle.

Moreover, research indicates that Ortho-k can slow down the progression of myopia in children, a factor particularly pertinent for Singapore, given the country’s high prevalence of myopia. The ability of Ortho-k to provide a potential remedy for this widespread issue has made it all the more appealing within Singapore.

Ortho-K in Singapore

Singapore has witnessed an alarming rise in myopia among the younger generation. According to the Health Promotion Board of Singapore, about 65% of children are myopic by the time they reach Primary 6. This has led to an increased interest in Ortho-K as a prevention and control strategy for the progression of myopia in children.

In recent years, many leading optometrists in Singapore have elevated the practice and legitimacy of Ortho-K. The procedure is now available in various accredited eyecare institutions and clinics across the country.


Taken together, Orthokeratology is a progressively accepted field in Singapore, primarily due to its necessity borne from the increasing prevalence of myopia among children. The contribution of top optometrist Singapore to this field has been significant, offering reliable and high-quality Ortho-K treatments to countless patients. While Ortho-K is a promising solution for people who prefer a non-invasive, reversible procedure, it is essential to note that it requires a high degree of compliance and periodic follow-up visits to the optometrist for optimal results.

Despite its limitations, Orthokeratology remains an important arena in Singapore’s healthcare sector. The services of top-rated optometrists have been instrumental in treating numerous cases of myopia and other refractive errors. With technological advancements and increased awareness, Ortho-K proves to hold promise for the many facing vision problems in Singapore.

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